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How We Help

Your Identity & Treatment Matters

When we approach your therapeutic treatment, our services will always center around acknowledging your cultural background, identity, and life experiences.  CARE- Consideration + Acknowledgment + Recognition for Everyone, is the first step in providing quality services at Trust. 

We offer counseling for individuals, couples and families. In striving for excellence, we use evidence-based practices that have been widely supported in the behavioral health field to treat diverse communities, such as:  Multicultural Counseling Competencies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills, Person-Centered Therapy approach, or Strength-Based Approach.    


Our Services

Trust Therapeutics LLC provides Telehealth or remote counseling support for a wide range of concerns that are either personal in nature, work, or environmentally influenced. Our staff currently address the following issues: 

Mood, Personality, & Behavior

Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Social Anxiety Bipolar, BPD, OCD

Career Counseling

Career Development, Business, Professional Growth

Work Environment

Coping Skills, Cultural Issues, Women’s, and Men’s Issues

Family Issues

Family Conflict, Divorce, Parenting, Infidelity, Grief, Emotional Disturbance

Youth and Young Adults' Issues
Learning Difficulties, Internet Addiction, Teen Violence, Eating Disorders, Addiction, ADHD, Behavioral Issues, School Issues & Transition to College


Life Transitions

Marital and Premarital Counseling, Adjustment, Acculturation and Fitting In, Socializing, Life Span changes

Trauma Therapy and Healing

Emotional, Sexual, Physical, and Verbal Abuse & Assault

Bilingual Services/Serviccios Bilingues

(Español/Spanish) Apoyamos en los problemas adolescentes y más sufrendo con la adaptación para la edad adulta. Tambien con adultos con conflictos: personales o con un evento traumático. Depresión, Ansiedad, (LGBTQ). Aceptamos MASSHEALTH, TUFTS, BLUECROSS, Y OPTUM/ALLWAYS

Who We Serve


Youth Ages 10-18 yrs:

Issues relating to depression, anxiety, ADHD, eating concerns, identity, etc.

Young Adults Ages 18-35:

Issues relating to the transition to college, social anxiety, anxiety, and depression, identity, etc.

Professional or Professional Aged Clients 35yrs+:

Issues relating to Workplace issues and stress, family, romantic or platonic relationships, self-esteem, or wanting to belong, etc.


Our Service Options

All Services are offered remotely  through our HIPPA compliant Telehealth platforms provided by or Doxyme. Once you have successfully booked an appointment and registered with us, you will receive links to communicate with your therapist directly.  

Telehealth & Telephone Counseling Services:
We utilize the most effective approaches through: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), or Strength-Based Approach. We currently offer individual, couples, and family counseling services via our Telehealth platforms, which allows you to video conference a therapist via your phone, tablet, or computer. If you are having trouble accessing the Telehealth platform, most insurances are now allowing counseling sessions via telephone access. 
For more information on the insurances we accept and how to finance services please contact our billing department at:

Couples Services Choices (availability is limited):

Parenting Support (Family Issues General)

Life Adjustment & Transitions: CBT/DBT skills (ages 18+)

Anxiety and Depression: CBT/DBT skills (adults)

Creative Therapy Support for Teens (ages 14yrs – 17yrs)

Creative Therapy Support for Pre-Teens (ages 10yrs – 13yrs)

Insurances Accepted


Payment Options



Health Savings Account (HSA)


Sliding Scale /
Private Payment Alternatives

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