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Natalie Cardona

Natalie Cardona Vazquez has a naturally empathetic personality that complements her calling for service and helping people. She has been a licensed professional mental health counselor since 2017 and loves the field, always striving to stay as active as possible in fulfilling her duties. With a Master’s Degree from the University of Phoenix and vast exposure to different demographics and situations, she has opened many doors for herself. Natalie has experience working with different types of clients, including individuals, couples, and groups of varying sizes. She has also developed expertise in emergency mental health care, such as crisis interventions, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Additionally, she has hosted therapies and workshops in both Spanish and English.

Natalie strongly believes in a holistic approach to therapy, and she bases her sessions on that belief. Her goal is to build a therapeutic relationship with her clients based on non-judgmental trust and respect, guiding them through their life processes to achieve their personal goals.

Natalie is supervised by an independently licensed supervisor.


Career Opportunities

At Trust Therapeutics, LLC our aim is to acquire expert staff that seek to grow with the multicultural values our team has. Trust employees are prioritized and offered competitive pay and benefits. 

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