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Malika Jamal

Malika Jamal is a mental health counselor in the state of Massachusetts. She holds a Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling with additional concentrations in Couples and Families, Addictions, and Trauma Studies from Cambridge College. She has dedicated most of her career to supporting at-risk youth and families with a focus on the human service and juvenile justice system. With her clinical training and extensive experience within the human service field, she remains committed to serving individuals requiring support.

Malika is an optimist by nature and is passionate about encouraging and supporting all individuals. She believes the safety and well-being of the individuals she works with is a top priority. Malika's personal and professional experiences have shaped her passion to help others achieve their goals. She remains educated and informed about current issues in our society, as it is a major key to successfully meet individuals where they are in their lives. In her free time, you can catch her out and about with her son doing anything active or giving back to the community with her sorority. Malika values family, self-care, and happiness which give her the strength and ability to do this work

Malika is supervised by an independently licensed Supervisor.


Career Opportunities

At Trust Therapeutics, LLC our aim is to acquire expert staff that seek to grow with the multicultural values our team has. Trust employees are prioritized and offered competitive pay and benefits. 

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