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Kae Winter, LMHC

Kae is a genderfluid Expressive Arts Therapist and writer specializing in various arts therapy approaches to address issues faced by LGBTQIA++ and marginalized Folx. As a solo-parent-by-choice and former 911 Paramedic, Kae is also passionate and devoted to professional endeavors which prioritize LGBTQIA++, marginalized, and individuals having experienced systemic traumas. Kae utilizes trauma-informed somatic psychotherapies, expressive arts therapies, CBT/DBT, writing and poetry therapies to carve out spaces for the voices & safety of marginalized folx.



Career Opportunities

At Trust Therapeutics, LLC our aim is to acquire expert staff that seek to grow with the multicultural values our team has. Trust employees are prioritized and offered competitive pay and benefits. 

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