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Josephine Borrero

My Mission is to help people with their everyday life situations. Knowing and understanding our emotions, as well as how they work can simplify how we act and can change the way we see ourselves and each other. My Bachelors is in Forensic Psychology and My Master is in Mental Health Counseling. My treatment approach is diverse and holistic. My approaches are person-centered, culturally sensitive, and guidance to realistic goals. 

In my free time  I enjoy the connection with nature. I'm an animal lover and enjoy helping animals in need. I also love to go to coffee shops, explore new cities and especially love to read. Reading takes me to places i never been and helps my imagination to run and explore. When working with clients it's important to help them understand their unique personality and the joy of been alive. My strategies are working with behavioral techniques as well as mindfulness.


Career Opportunities

At Trust Therapeutics, LLC our aim is to acquire expert staff that seek to grow with the multicultural values our team has. Trust employees are prioritized and offered competitive pay and benefits. 

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