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Our Company


Our Company

Trust Therapeutics LLC, is a group of licensed psychotherapists who are dedicated to providing multiculturally competent behavioral health counseling services to youth, young adults, and professionals living and working in Massachusetts. Our services are aimed at enhancing the strengths of individuals by counseling them from a lens that supports their personal identities. We believe that helping a client necessitates a better understanding of his/her/their home, work, school, family, cultural, gender, socio-economic, or religious identities.     

Our Mission

Our vision is best defined by our core values that focus on the betterment of both the client and employee. Trust follows a simple formula of Consideration + Acknowledgment + Recognition for Everyone (CARE). We validate the experiences and goals of the two most significant parties involved in the treatment process:  the client and our employees. We believe that achieving harmony in the mental health community, for all who are involved, sets Trust apart from other practices, and makes us a secure place for real growth and progress.  


Core Values

Healing and Progress

We consider that it takes time, effort, and devotion to help you through the challenges you face. We are here for you through the long term.


We believe that there are no boundaries in progress and success. We support & acknowledge ALL people from all backgrounds, identities, and walks of life in treatment.

Quality Over Quantity

We recognize that in order to provide quality services with the utmost attention and care,  our staff must be treated fairly. Each clinician maintains a caseload of manageable sizes to enable us to meet your needs.


Our services and support staff are anchored in honesty and sincerity. We are committed to always providing emotional and mental health services with transparency.

Pay It Forward

We validate the experience of everyone in the treatment process—both clients and staff members. We believe this contributes to a healthier and happier community.

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